120pcs Plastic Plant Labels With Marker Pen (6 Colors)

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120pcs Plastic Plant Labels With Marker Pen (6 Colors)

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10cm in length, 2cm in width. 120pcs plastic plant labels with 1 marker pen. Double-sided writable tags, providing enough space to write. Made of waterproof PVC plastic material, durable and UV resistant. These plastic plant labels are not easy to break, not brittle or snap. They don't rust like metal tags and will not rot as wooden tags. The plant labels are so easy to write on the smooth surface with the marker pen. White color label is visible against the dark soil and can be easily read. The plant tags are suitable for a mini green house, a small potted or your garden. It applies to fruit trees, nursery stock, flowers, plants, vegetables, potted, etc. The use of the tags will not have any impact on the plants.

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