8 Pcs Bib Paint, 12 Colorful Textile Markers And 3 Stencils

8 Pcs Bib Paint, 12 Colorful Textile Markers And 3 Stencils


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Product description: Color: white Bib size: 29 x 24 cm Shoulder strap: 29 cm Size of the coloring page: 17.7 cm x 26 cm Package includes: 8 x bibs for painting 12 x textile pens 3 x templates Description: DIY Creativity: The set contains 12 colored pencils and 3 large drawing templates that you can use to draw more vivid and perfect pictures and cultivate the parent-child relationship while drawing with your baby. High quality material: The bib is designed with two layers and the surface can be used for making. The back is made of a waterproof layer that is durable and ensures that the child's body does not get wet or stained by other stains. Nice design: A simple bib goes with any clothes. Due to the smooth surface, the bib is comfortable to wear, soft and easy to apply with a pen, brush or finger. Perfect Gift: The bib is an ideal choice for birthday presents, gifts, or gifts for family and friends. Personalized bibs and unique gifts can add fun and special meaning to the baby.

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