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Facial Cleanser

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description:Compact blackhead cleaning machine, this is a beauty instrument with many functions, such as dermabrasion, firming, cleansing pores, removing acne and sucking blackheads. There are 6 different sizes of replacement suction cups, which can be adjusted according to your actual needs.feature: Three adjustable suction levels, suitable for different types of skin. Six different beauty heads can exfoliate and remove blackheads. Easily remove blackheads, acne and clean the face, it can also promote blood circulation, effectively reduce wrinkles and keep young. Skin-friendly, made of high-quality ABS material, safe and non-irritating, also suitable for sensitive skin. Rechargeable USB charging, you can use the USB cable to charge the pore cleaner anywhere. Small and portable, easy to carry.Features:Microcrystalline head: no damage to the skin, can remove dead skin.(Used on forehead, cheeks and chin)Big round head: The big round head with strong suction has a significant effect on fat blackheads.(Used on forehead, cheeks and chin)Small round head: weak suction, suitable for sensitive skin.(Used on the nose)Villus papillae: remove blackheads and lift the skinMini round head: suitable for novice sensitive skinMedium round hole tip: suitable for acne and excess acne.specification:Model: B01Color: rose gold + whiteMaterial: ABS, PCRated power: 2.5WLithium battery: 400mAhCharging time: about 2-3HWorking time: about 200 minutes(The actual use time may vary due to the frequency of use and different gears)Product size: 196.6638.5mm / 7.74 1.52 inchesPacking size: 22 8.5 4.5 cm / 8.66 3.35 1.77 inchesPackage weight: 175 grams / 6.17 ouncesWarning prompt:1. Due to the strong suction power, it is recommended not to stay in the same area for 2 seconds.2. It is not recommended for people with injuries or scars.3. The time of using this beauty instrument should not exceed 5 minutes each time.4. Please do not use it on the skin with scars. Do not clean the equipment.Package Included:1 x beauty machine6 x beauty head1 x USB cable1 x English user manual

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