Car Rear View Camera, 170 Wifi Wireless Hd 1080p Rear View Camera

Car Rear View Camera, 170 Wifi Wireless Hd 1080p Rear View Camera


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Product description: Color: black Material: glassShell material: plastic Weight: 125 g Voltage: 12V Power: 1.2W Video signal: h.264 Resolution: 1280 * 720 Sampling frequency: 50 Hz Setting angle: adjustable Earthquake safety: electronically shockproof Applicable models: General Package includes: 1 * camera, 1 * extension cable, 2 * screws, 1 * 3M double sided tape, 1 * user manual Description: High Performance Chip: A high performance image processing chip is used to provide high quality images while ensuring a high frame rate for truly high definition smoothness. Electronic Rearview Mirror: While driving, click the mobile app to bring up the reversing video interface and you can watch the reversing video in real time. Front view and side view: The rear view camera can be installed in the front, rear, left and right blind areas of the vehicle to monitor these blind areas in real time. New transmission method: the smart device and the camera are connected via WiFi in order to realize the real high-resolution rear image display and to avoid the cumbersome wiring of the body. And it is widely used in means of transportation such as automobiles, buses, commercial vehicles, trucks, and construction vehicles. Free traffic: A WiFi hotspot is automatically created after the camera is switched on, and the mobile phone does not need internet traffic to achieve high-definition video transmission. It will automatically connect to the cellphone after restart, which is convenient to use.

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