Garden pump pressure sprayer, herbicide sprayer pump

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Garden pump pressure sprayer, herbicide sprayer pump

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Garden pump pressure sprayer, herbicide sprayer pump 1.Garden sprayer 5 liters pressure sprayer pump action, herbicide sprayer pump, very suitable for pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, gardening watering, sprinkling, disinfection, spraying drugs, cleaning cars, air conditioners, glass, etc.2. Leather tube: 130cm, spray bar: 37cm, strong water jet scouring power, can be used to water further plants, and can also be used to wash cars, glass, floor, air conditioning, etc., with good results.3. After the pressure in the barrel reaches a certain value, the safety valve will automatically deflate for safety reasons, so as to stabilize the air pressure in the barrel, which is safer to use and prolongs the service life of the product.4. The use of PP brand new material and thicker base make the product more stable and not easy to damage. The large bowl mouth design with a diameter of 13 cm can effectively prevent water overflow and save water.5. Convenient, with independent spray bar buckle design on the edges of the bowl mouth on both sides, which can effectively store the spray bar after the operation is completed.6. Note: If you encounter air leakage or air failure during use, you must tighten it. If it still can��t be solved, please replace the sealing ring in time. The water cannot exceed the water level. The bottle needs to have free space. Saving pressure.
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