Throat Chakra Singing Bowl With Beater - Vishuddha

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Throat Chakra Singing Bowl With Beater - Vishuddha

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A blue Throat Chakra singing bowl. Also called 'Vishuddha' the Throat Chakra is associated with a clear blue colour. Pick this bowl if you'd like to focus on your confidence speaking, teaching, or telling others your heart and mind. This is a sturdy 5 inch bowl with beautiful gold etching. The green colour compliments the gold accents. The inside of the bowl depicts a Throat Chakra symbol in gold, along with 'Vishuddha' in Sanskrit. The outside rim of the bowl is also gold, along with additional Throat Chakra symbols decorating the side. It has a lovely weight and feel in the hand and plays a high, clear note. Buy it with or without a cushion. Cushion is there for dressing your altar though not needed to play the bowl. Comes complete with a mallet as seen in the picture. Use singing bowls to: Focus your mind during meditation Calm down after a Yoga practice Relaxation & muscle therapy Make beautiful music Give a heartfelt gift How to use the Throat Chakra singing bowl: Take your beater (included) and slowly drag the leather or wooden end around the rim. Following the gold strip around the outside rim, apply about as much pressure as if you were wiping the metal clean. A beautiful note should begin to play as the bowl vibrates. If you find it difficult to get the vibrations going, give the bowl a ding before you start playing. About The Throat Chakra The Throat Chakra Governs speech and the ability to express your ideas and emotions to others. Focus on this Chakra if you’re having difficulty speaking your mind or heart to others. Confidence in expressing yourself can really boost your general wellbeing. You can find the centre of this Chakra on your throat where your Adams Apple is or would be. Focusing on the Throat Chakra helps with: Speaking your heart and mind to others Confidence speaking Confidence teaching others Communicating clearly Use a singing bowl to guide your meditation to these areas.
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