Maldon Series Ebony Staunton Chess Pieces 4 Inches

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Maldon Series Ebony Staunton Chess Pieces 4 Inches

Av Regency Chess

Pris: NOK 4 799,00
NOK 4 799,00 + NOK 392,99 i frakt

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Crafted from high quality ebony. High sheen finish. 4 inch (102 mm) king. 2 additional queens. Weighted for perfect balance. Bases covered with billiard cloth. Certificate of authenticity. Perfect for a 21 inch (55 cm) board. The highest quality and finish 4 inch ebony and boxwood deluxe chessmen. Each black piece is made from the finest graded ebony wood and polished multiple times to create a very high sheen finish. These Staunton chessmen have slightly narrower bases and suit chess boards with square sizes of 2 inches (51 mm) and above. This deluxe set includes 2 additional queens King Height: 4 inches (10.16 cm)King Base Diameter: 1.9 inches (4.83 cm)King Weight: 106 gramsPawn Height: 2.1 inches (5.33 cm)Pawn Weight: 34 gramsWeight: 2.25 kg
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  • EAN: 5056175007677
  • Forhandler-VRN: 925947681

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