Nd Lens Reducer Lens Medium Gray Lens 67mm Gray

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Nd Lens Reducer Lens Medium Gray Lens 67mm Gray

Pris: NOK 299,00
NOK 299,00 GRATIS frakt

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Features: 1. ND22: can reduce the light intensity by 1 level and 50%; 2. ND-4: can attenuate level 2 and 75% of the amount of light; 3.8: It can reduce the amount of light by level 3 and 87.5%; 4. ND-400: can reduce the amount of light by 9 levels, suitable for daytime exposure and shooting the sun5. When the focal length of the lens is in the ultra-wide-angle range, and at this moment is F2.8, if the light of the filter is adjusted to the maximum speed, there may be a clear "cross" spot or color shift of the glasses. Without interference, we suggest you: reduce the brightness value of the filter at this time, until the interference flare disappears, normal shooting. parameter: Caliber: 67mmWeight: 101Composition: aluminum-magnesium alloy, optical glassColour: Black Keywords: ND lens, light reducing lens, mid-gray lens, lens, photographic equipment67mm Neutral Density Variable Fader Filter Lens ND2 ND4 ND8 ND400 Features: 1. ND-2: can reduce 1st grade aperture and 50% amount of light2. ND-4: can reduce 2nd grade aperture and 75% amount of light1. ND-8: can reduce 3rd grade aperture and 87.5% amount of light1. ND-400: can reduce 9th grade aperture and corresponding amount of light, fit long time exposure in the day and shoot the sun5. The lens may found obvious shape light spots or slight color migration when the lens zoom fallen in to the range of super wide angle, aperture at F2.8 and the filter lens adjusted to the largest density. Reduce the density of the filter lens until the light spots disappear to get normal photography and to ensure the image is not disturbed. Specifications: Diameter: 67mmWeight: 89gMaterial: aluminum magnesium alloy, optical glassColor: Black key word: ND lens, fader, neutral density filter, lens, photography equipment aluminum magnesium alloy, optical glass

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