Silicone Strainer Clip On Pots And Pans

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Silicone Strainer Clip On Pots And Pans

Pris: NOK 209,00
NOK 209,00 + NOK 51,49 i frakt

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EASY TO USE: Using this strainer is as simple as possible. You just need to attach it to the pot and the strainer will keep food in the pot throughout the whole process, eliminating the hassle of moving food between strainer and pot.EASY TO CLEAN: The strainer is also easy to clean after use. It can be simply rinsed with warm water and soap, or put in the dishwasher. It is foldable so you can store it in any drawer, even in the smallest one.WIDE APPLICATION: This silicone cook strainer is suitable for almost all pots, ladles, pans, woks, etc. The most important thing is to make sure that you tightly clamped on the mount.QUALITY MATERIAL: This cook strainer is made of very high-quality silicone and food grade PP. It is resistant to water, temperature and is food grade. The strainer is very strong and will be your assistant in the kitchen for a long time.SUITABLE FOR: It is suitable for most foods, both cold and hot. For example, you can strain pasta, boiled potatoes, etc. Also, you can wash berries, fruits, vegetables and then drain the water using this useful kitchen tool.

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