Battle of Waterloo Briarwood Chess Set

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Battle of Waterloo Briarwood Chess Set

Av Regency Chess

Pris: NOK 3 799,00
NOK 3 799,00 + NOK 420,49 i frakt

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This themed chess set is a superb depiction of the famous battle that took place in Belgium on the 18th of June 1815, it was the final and decisive battle of the Napoleonic war and was known as the battle of Waterloo, so named because it took place in the village of Waterloo just south of Brussels.We have matched this beautiful set of pieces with our very popular Italian made Briar Wood and Maple chess board at 19.7 inches in width. Finished in a satin lacquer with stunning knotting, rich grain and patterning, the pieces are presented at their absolute best. The chess set is a very high quality themed set that accurately depicts key figures from the battle. The game of chess is fought between the English and the French with Arthur Wellesley (Duke of wellington 1769 – 1852) and of course Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 - 1821) opposing each other. The set is another very high quality example from Studio Anne Carlton and is presented in the quality you would expect from this established English brand. A tall and substantial heavy weight chess set with superb detail and form. Each piece has been made to exacting standards of accuracy and quality. One particular aspect of this themed set is that extra care has been taken to ensure each piece is identifiable. The Bishop and pawn figures incorporate typical Staunton style pieces just behind the themed figure so as well as looking fantastic it’s also highly functional as a chess set.
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