Traditional Indian Wood Blocks For Printing - Spiritual Symbols

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Traditional Indian Wood Blocks For Printing - Spiritual Symbols

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Beautiful hand made traditional Indian wood blocks for printing & decoration We actually came across these when we were designing a new piece for our hand painted collection. We saw the beautiful designs and traditional method and just had to have some So now we have them on offer to you Each wood block is a separate design. These blocks are carved with inspiring spiritual symbols. Each motif is engraved directly into the wood, creating an etched pattern. This etched pattern is dipped into paint, printing ink or dye. When placed carefully onto a flat surface, the pattern is stamped onto the material. All of these motifs have lovely detail and would look fab on all your projects As the patterns are so pretty, Indian wood blocks can also be decor on your shelves or mantelpiece when not in use. Indian Wood Blocks Project Ideas: Design your own Yoga pants Print directly onto plain leggings or some of our plain pants with fabric paint Create beautiful spiritual greetings cards for all seasons & occasions. (match with our spiritual gifts ) Use different blocks to create a repeating pattern on fabric for curtains or clothing Print onto a ready made canvas with bold poster paints and make your own art Grab the kids and do a printing project together How to Use & Tips: Indian wood blocks are easy to use and super quick to learn. Simply place the wood block, pattern down, on a shallow tray of paint or dye. If you are using an ink stamp pad, simply press onto the pad as you would a rubber stamp. Tips: When printing on clothing, try out your design with washable paint first If you're using paint or fabric paint and would like a very crisp finish, apply the paint to the motif with a paint roller. Make sure to not use too much paint no matter what material you print on to if you want very crisp shapes. Remember Always test the block a few times on a scrap piece of material/paper to get used to the process, until you get the same results every time. Different fabrics and papers take paint & ink in different ways and have different visual effects. Play Experiment These blocks are so versatile you'll have no end to the projects you can create
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