Underwater Led Light 4 Pieces With Remote Control, Waterproof

Underwater Led Light 4 Pieces With Remote Control, Waterproof


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Product information: Size: 7 * 2.8cm Number of LED lights: 10 lights Color: RGB (16 colors) Battery model: 3 * AAA Voltage: 4.5V Maximum remote control range: 5 m Power: 2W Packing list: 1 * LED light, 1 * remote control [Latest diving light]: Improved waterproof and weatherproof structure. It can work well in both wet and dry places like pool lights, pond lights, boats, foundations, fish tanks, fish tanks, vases, flower pots, waterfalls, bathtubs, hot tubs and corridors, basements and garages. Used for weddings, events, parties, as decorative lights for indoor and outdoor decoration, ambient light or night light. [HF remote control up to 5 m]: The LOFTEK underwater light with HF remote control has a deeper range, up to 5 m in the air and 2 m in the water. The infrared remote control can only control within 60cm, and one remote control can control multiple lights without aiming at the lights. We use this updated RF remote control to avoid blocking the signal in large pools, deep pools, or walls. Note: The water in the pool absorbs a lot of signals. Please light up within 5m (including water and air gaps). [16 colors, multiple selection, dimmable underwater pool lighting]: Optimized 16 dynamic colors, several modes to provide dimmable functions, which offer more options and create a good atmosphere. Obviously, it is different from other pool lights on the market Multifunctional application Multifunctional indoor and outdoor pool decoration, very suitable for bathtubs, ponds, swimming pools, fountains, ice buckets, vases, pedestals, flowers, aquariums, exhibition rooms, showcases, cores, cabinets, museums, shops, aquariums, jack-o-lanterns, paper lanterns for hanging are an ideal choice to light glass vases, bowls or other utensils filled with water and turn a boring bowl into a beautiful and exciting table usually used for parties such as celebrations, celebrations and weddings.

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