Universal Anti Vibration Damper Pad

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Universal Anti Vibration Damper Pad

Pris: NOK 289,00
NOK 289,00 + NOK 32,99 i frakt

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Easy to install ---- No tools or adhesives required. Simply insert the four rubber dampers under the corners of a washing machine, dishwasher, tumble dryer or other noisy appliance. So you never have to deal with loud sounds and vibrations again. Please keep the floor dry to avoid slipping.Avoid damage to the floor --- The non-slip rubber pads protect the wooden and tile floor well. Keep vibrations, noise and floor stains to a minimum with these highly efficient anti-walk feet and protect your household appliances from scratches or quick wear.Eliminate Vibration and Noise --- These vibration damping feet prevent the washing machine from jumping and running, keep your machines on the floor and reduce 94.7% vibration and noise. The shock absorber fits all models, makes and models of top and front loading washing machines.MULTI-PURPOSE --- Made of environmentally friendly material, moisture resistant and chemical resistant. Durable. Suitable for washing machine, refrigerator, desk, table, chair, etc. The washing machine protects the tiles. Concrete, wood, vinyl, linoleum, stone and low-pile carpets. Be careful with carpets as these pads can cause slight discolouration after prolonged contact.EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE ---- The non-slip washing machine feet keep the washing machine in place so you don't have to push it back to place after each wash. Excellent experience in tight spaces and under work surfaces. These rubber feet lift your device by approx. 1.6 cm and make cleaning easier.

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